HEWEB11 – Mobile on a Shoestring (TPR3)

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Mobile on a Shoestring (TPR3)
Hill Country A & B
The need to support the ever-growing population of mobile users is critical, yet institutions interested in entering the mobile arena face a multitude of challenges. In the current economic climate, funding for new initiatives is scarce. With IT…
Quinn Madson (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)
Joel Herron (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh)

They created the great heweb11 app that we are all using.

Lots of good but expensive frameworks.

They used Titanium? It is free but you can pay for training and buy modules from their marketplace. They now own aptana?

$100 to apple $25 to google just to get in the store.

Android simulator is way too slow. Develop for apple and modify for android … Or buy an android device.

App is open source js!

Great code examples. I hope they share all the code from the heweb app.

Don’t use global vars/namespace. Creates memory leaks. Use an anon function.

Apps don’t do much. They just consume from web. Keeps you from resubmitting to the apple store.

Nice to get all data from one source. Cache map/bus data on your own system

Beta test!!!

Registration with apple can take months.

Get in app store, but wait to promote. Use native xcode tools to profile for men leaks.

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