HEWEB11 – The Ultimate Open Source CMS – A Cage Match (APS4)

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The Ultimate Open Source CMS – A Cage Match (APS4)
Hill Country C & D
Watch and listen as Drupal, Reason, and WordPress MU battle for supremacy in a no holds barred cage match! Words and ideas will be mercilessly exchanged, and visual aids are allowed in the cage. A celebrity moderator will be on hand to maintain…
John Vieth (University of Wisconsin-Platteville)
Nathan White (Carleton College)
Stephanie Leary (Texas A&M)

Cage match!

Drupal 7
– Easy to theme. If you can imagine it you can theme it.
– IA. Unlimited menus. Huge menus. Multi site architecture.
– Content type. Defines what UI of editor is. Basic page, event page, video, blog.
– Taxonomy.
– Views.
– Calendaring. Better then most standard web apps.
– web forms!
– Can use LDAP
– Extensible. CMS and app framework.

– Has caught up with feature rich CMS.
– Admin UI is clean
– Clean URLs
– Scheduled publication
– Feeds for everything
– Auto upgrade
– Fasted dev cycle of any CMS.
– Distraction free editing mode

– Carefully designed.
– Nothing extra to download
– Page hierarchy
– Reason is just right ;)

Luis: Underdog Reason CMS roars into CMS cage match.

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