HEWEB11 – Swingin’ with Sinatra: Small Apps Fast TPR7

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Swingin’ with Sinatra: Small Apps Fast

TPR7 Technical: Propeller Hats Required
Hill Country A & B

MONDAY, 4:45 – 5:30PM
We all see this regularly: one of our sites needs a special piece of functionality that’s just a little too different to handle with our usual tools. Sometimes it’s something big, something that needs a task force, a team, a committee. Other times it just needs a little developer love and a new tool in your toolkit. In this presentation I’ll introduce you to Sinatra, a Ruby-based framework for rapid web application development. How rapid? I’ll show you the tool, present a development challenge, live-code a solution before your very eyes, and still leave time for questions AND answers.

Sinatra runs like Rails
– Rails gives you patterns and practices
– Sinatra gives code to interface with the web (best for simple apps)

1) Install ruby (homebrew and rbenv on mac)
2) Install Sinatra.

Let’s build it – Swedish chef ipsum.
He’s building live.

Wow, it’s really easy to get the URL vars.

Five, five lines of code. Ah, Ah, Ah!


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