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Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Got to Austin late, so I missed the first half… Decided to sneak in anyway.

The WordPress University
Stephanie Leary (Texas A&M University), Shelley Keith (Southern Arkansas University)
WRK5 – Big Bend A &

Talking about Genesis? theme framework. Sounds great.
Search and replace plugin to fix broken links after a move.

Backing up
– wp db backup
– backup buddy $$ (also backs files)

Keep your system updated! But, back up first.

Permalink Settings
– currently, must start with numbers for performance. Will be fixed in 3.3.

– w3 total cache = fairy dust
– hype cache
– batcache

– make wp group (not world) writeable
– set perms and cache, then lock down htaccess
– no admin user (use another name)
– change db prefix
– move wp-config up one dir (out of public HTML)
– plugins to lock out attacks.
– run wp security scan and exploit scanner
– file monitor plus ( monitors htaccess and other files)
– audit trail will tell you everything but has large overhead. Recent revisions will tell you activity. Have updates sent to writer to look over changes.

BuddyPress – like Ning. Got to Austin late, so I missed the first half…
– can en/disable any features
– plugins – welcome pack, achievements, share it, group suggest, google maps.

Task management system. Can be only in dashboard. May need to be bit more robust.


A wp version of blackboard?

Content Audit
They built a better way. Can set owner and status for any page/media/post. Automatically marks old content and spams content owner. Year/month/day/week. Will soon include “boss view”.

Custom fields, taxonomy, post types.

WP Edu list

HTML import – nice!

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