Scottish 60/70 shilling (small beer)

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Having already brewed 24 gallons: of stout and strong scotch – we decided to use all the grain to make a small beer. Sparging more hot water over the grain yielded 12 gallons of wort with a potential for a 2% beer. We raised the gravity to 1.032 with 2 extra pounds of sugar.

This should produce a tan, smoky brew with about 3.2% ABV. We added hops aiming for 32 IBUs:


  • Paradise Lodge 2oz @ 60
  • Paradise Lodge 1 oz @ 15
  • Paradise Lodge 2 0z @ 0


  • 6 gallons received the pack man
  • 6 received WLP028


We will have to wait and see, but it should fall within the Scottish and Irish Ale guidelines – somewhere between a 60 shilling and a 70. Not bad for a free beer!

The hops may be a bit high – but who knows – it’s an unidentified variety.



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  1. nagmay Says:

    BTW – we soured the last batch with lacto and let it sit for a year. Turned out amazing!

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