Living in the future

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Often, when I think about the technology of the future,  fantastical inventions like flying cars come to mind. However, it is easy to overlook how fantastical todays technology really is.

Can you guess where we went?

This morning, my parents sent me the following photograph with simply: “can you guess where we went?”

They do this a lot. Both are avid hikers and like to torture me at work with photos of their many adventures.

It’s obviously from one of the many high points that surround Mt Hood. Judging by the profile of the mountain – they are probably positioned to the northwest. Additionally, this particular hilltop looked familiar. I know that I’ve been there before, but it has probably been years.

Hey technology, help me out!

So I opened Google Earth and typed in a few of the high point names that I remembered. In less then 30 seconds, the map zoomed in to something that looked promising. Changing the angle of the camera, the location was confirmed: Chinidere Mountain.


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