#TRP10: Websites Featuring User-Created Content in Drupal

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Dwight Nagy

103 C, Frontier Airlines Center

For over 9 years our office compiled campus-submitted deadlines, announcements, and events to send out in a daily email called Wooster Headline News (WHN). Not only did WHN feel dated, it had scaled out of control, and was deleted by many users. Through the use of Drupal, WHN is now auser-driven service that provides campus news through multiple channels: a website; category specific RSS feeds; and HTML email. Drupal has helped us to minimize the time required to maintain WHN, and provide news in a timely manner. We are also able to accept postings from students now, where in the past WHN was limited to faculty and staff. This presentation will cover the project from start to finish, including requirements, how common modules (CCK, Views) were used to meet those requirements with minimal coding, workflow, and post-project deployment and reception. Wooster has also deployed Drupal for rideshare, and marketplace websites, which will be used for comparison, to show the flexibility of using Drupal for this purpose.


From the college of Wooster.

Lots of web systems – each with a different purpose.

Used to be a simple email system. Morning email sent every day.

  • announcement
  • events
  • lunch specials

We call this SPAM.


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