#TRP2: I Can Convert!

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Sven Aas, Jason Proctor

103 C, Frontier Airlines Center

Whether we’re integrating systems or getting everything out before the house of cards collapses, sooner or later most of us find ourselves converting, migrating, exporting and archiving our content. In this talk, Jason Proctor and Sven Aas will review a series of conversions they’ve completed, identify some patterns, discuss tools and techniques, and share the lessons learned along the way, so the next time you’re spinning up a new application (or just shutting down an old one), you’ll find the process a little easier and a little better.


Use your tools:

  • Spreadsheet
  • Program editor (not IDEs, just text editors)
  • Program language (something modern like ruby, Perl)

What do you do with a custom built/hacked together system with a lot of good content?

You can convert!

Conversion patterns

  • Object extraction pattern – source object represents multiple other objects that need to be instantiated.
  • Encoding Change – darn you special quotes!
  • URL path translation



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