WV13: Play to Change: Using Game Mechanics to Motivate Your Audience

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Experience design and game design have a lot in common, and the two worlds continue to come together. It’s no wonder – we’ve all been playing games for millenia, to learn and grow or to get through tough challenges.


First workshop of Webvisions 2013!

Arcades brought in $2M a year in the 1980s – now, a billion dollar industry.

Overlap of game design and UX. It was only recently recognized that UX overlaps game design and will continue to be more important in the future.

What promotes a feeling of play?

  • Activity with clear set of goals
  • balance the challenges with the skills of the audience
  • Give clear feedback
  • Cut down on distractions
  • And have fun!

Time for an activity… I just picked “player vs. player”

  • Pong
  • Street fighter
  • Hockey (Sega, SNES)
  • Tank

4 types of players

  1. Killers
  2. Achievers
  3. Socializers
  4. Explorers

10 types of players (extended)

  1. Competitor
  2. Explorer
  3. Collector
  4. Achievers
  5. Joker
  6. Artist
  7. Director
  8. Storyteller
  9. Performer
  10. Craftsman

Common gamification elements

  • Achieving badges and levels
  • Progress bars
  • Systems for awarding, redeeming, trading, gifting
  • Challenges between users
  • Leader boards
  • NOT just about adding points… “you can’t just add chocolate (to broccoli)

Concept design

  • Know your audience
  • Create player profiles
  • Four critical elements of the game: Story, Aesthetics, Technology, Mechanics






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