Automate all the things with Yo, Grunt and Bower

Monday, October 20th, 2014


  • Marcello Prattico – Syracuse University

Location: Pavilion Ballroom East

Yo, Grunt and Bower are new ways to help you streamline you site/app building process. Grunt is a task manager that can do lots of cool things like compile you SASS into CSS, move files around, compress files etc. Yeoman is a site/app generator. Do you want the scaffolding for a new angular app? Just type a few easy commands and it is generated. Bower is a dependency manager that maintains a list of libraries needed for your site. Need the latest JQuery? JQuery UI or Angular? Just add it to a json file and you will always have the latest.


  • All done with JavaScript
  • First thing you need is node.js
  • > npm install <some package> (akin to ruby gems)
  • Bower helps you manage frameworks
    • > npm install -g bower
    • > bower install jquery
  • Yeoman
    • Scaffolding tool for web apps.
    • > npm install -g yo
  • Grunt
    • JavaScript task runner
    • Can uglify and combine code!
  • Gulp
    • Allows you to stay in the command line during the build.
    • Run other tasks like FTP…
    • And unit testing.

Tips for command line wp:


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