Connecting Reusable Disconnected Content: Our CampusData Project

Monday, October 20th, 2014


  • Chris Nixon – University of Arkansas

Location: Pavilion Ballroom East

We generate lots of content and manage lots of data in disconnected ways. The University of Arkansas started a project a few years ago called the Campus Data Project. A not seksi name for an incredible foundation with a REST API that lets users tie all kinds of data together that they never could before. From campus maps crossed with the campus directory to a news platform that updates experts lists and research blogs, the team has an ecosystem of useful reusable information getting more valuable with every piece of content added to it. Nixon will talk about the evolution of this system, how we use it currently, what our future plans are and how we have shared this platform with others in our state.


  • Before: lots of different silos of data.
  • Now: built REST API for  ALL THE DATA
  • Unified keywords for tagging and routing:
    • Audience
    • Topical
    • Schools /colleges/ departments
    • Destinations (homepage, email, etc…)
  • Better application performance monitor
  • Started with a print directory.
    • New data types: front desk, phone, address, …
    • Mail stops.

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