Collaborating with GitHub

Monday, October 20th, 2014


  • John Britton – Github

Location: Skyline III

In this hands-on talk, we’ll introduce Git and GitHub. We’ll demonstrate how GitHub is used in classrooms as well as campus IT departments. You’ll learn how to make your first contribution to a project on GitHub. We’ll show you how to contribute via the command line, the GitHub desktop application, and the web interface. We’ll also highlight useful collaboration features on the site and how they can be used to improve your workflows.


  • He is the educational liaison.
  • As staff 25% off. Students and staff 100% free.
  • Cool new developer pack just launched for students.
  • Can filter on GitHub by language.

Work on different features of he same project? Whaaaa?

Cool comment threading via web – not available in local app.

Commit status API and repository hooks?

  • Use API to hook onto pull requests
  • The build server can do unit testing and then send back (pass/fail) to github.



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