Confessions of a CMS Generalist

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


  • Stephanie Guay – Duke University

Location: Pavilion Ballroom West

After navigating the waters of not one, but 3 different CMSes for the same set of websites, Guay shares her insights into what works, what doesn’t, what’s great and what’s just plain dumb about Drupal, Plone and WordPress. She’ll even talk about her experiences making all 3 share the same sandbox and not fight (too much) over the toys.
  • Notes
  • Started in Plone
  • Moved to WP
    • 100+ sites at Duke
    • 60+ blogs
  • Central wanted to move to Drupal…
    • Entire site moved to Drupal
  • But you never really move
    • some plone, some drupal, some wordpress

How to compare and contrast:

  • They contract out updates to Drupal…

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