Extreme APIs for a Better Tomorrow

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


  • Aaron Maturen – Saginaw Valley State University

Location: Pavilion Ballroom East

It’s possible to make a structured, consistent, API that can handle changes to logic and the schema. Sure, it seems like a good plan to dump everything out of the database today, but what are you going to do when something changes down the road? Let’s have a talk about some SOLID ways to structure our APIs and keep them from breaking down the road.


His slides

  • Data is messy.
  • Data is confusing.
  • Data is everywhere.


  • {json:api}
    • a JSON object must be the root of every page…
  • Plural v Singular.
    • Always use Plural  /persons/23/

Custom error pages:

  • Make error codes – not just error messages.

If you need to protect your data (from spammers etc)

  • UUID
  • Or, 2-way hash.


  • Pass through current number + link to next…
  • Or, say “here are 12 things, there might be 12 more on next page”. When you get less then 12 you know you are at the end.

What can we do with all this?

  • Course lookup
  • Employee directory
  • Student voting
  • Grant logging
  • Healthy activity incentive program

Allow students to write apps.

Someone used the last login per router to track IT staff!

Laravel PHP framework

Also Dingo



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