NHB00X Experimental Pale Ale(s)

Monday, January 12th, 2015

The new hops from the breeding program produced an abundance of cones in their first year. For comparison, I’m brewing the same, simple beer from the most promising varieties.

Normally, I stick to all grain. However, for simplicity these will be extract (don’t have to worry about mash temp/efficiency differences between batches). The same basic procedure (at bottom) will be followed precisely for each batch.


NHB00X Experimental Pale Ale(s)

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  • ABV: 5.02%
  • IBU: 39.0
  • SRM: 10.7
  • OG: 1.050, FG: 1.012
  • Batch size: 1 gal
  • Brewhouse efficiency: 100%
  • Boil time: 30 min





  • Profile for Burton-on-Trent: Ca 352 (ppm), Mg 24 (ppm), HCO3 320 (ppm), Cl 820 (ppm), Na 44 (ppm), SO4 16 (ppm)

Brew Day(s) Notes


  1. Add 1 tsp of “Burtonizing” to 1 gal of water.
  2. Place 35g of crystal malt  in nylon bag and suspend in water. Crystal malts do not require a mash.
  3. Bring to about 180, remove the crystal and add the 600 g extract.
  4. Bring to a boil. Add the 30 min hops (10g) and start the timer. Keep the pot covered for the boil – we do not need evaporation on this one.
  5. Add the 2nd batch of hops at 15min
  6. Add last hops and cool in sink.
  7. Since I am not using a wort chiller, I will pull all the hops after 5 min in the sink.
  8. After an hour, pour (using strainer) into a carboy and add a shot of yeast.


  • 2015-01-12: NHB015, Magnum x Chinook 07 – went very smoothly. Smelled wonderful.
  • 2015-01-13: NHB006, Magnum x Cascade 02 – Smelled sweet, almost fruit-like…


2 Responses to “NHB00X Experimental Pale Ale(s)”

  1. Kris B. Says:

    Hi. I see this was done in Jan. Can you talk about this came out? Please describe how these were, and what the flavor and aroma is like. Thanks for your help. This is a really exciting thing to watch.

  2. nagmay Says:

    After a few batches, we decided to roll things back even further. Ended up going with 1/2 gallon, all extract batches.

    We brewed the same recipe a total of 14 times. This helped us narrow down to the 8 plants that would continue for 2nd year growth trials: http://gabriel.nagmay.com/2014/09/hop-breeding-2014-results/

    The flavors/bitterness varied quite a lot. Some were distinctly citrus, others had notes of stone-fruit. I’ll try to post our tasting notes if I get the chance.

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