Around Mt Adams

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

I found myself back on Mt Adams this past week. This time, rather than climbing, we were making our way around the mountain.

On the west side of the mountain you have the well-maintained PCT to travel on. However, much of the east side has no trail. There are more details in this post, but we went counter-clockwise. This does mean that we hit the hardest past first, but it was really nice to be descending the “big muddy”, rather than climbing out of it.

Creek crossing were interesting this year. Many of the spring fed water sources were dried up, but the glacial washes were raging.  Crossing the big muddy was especially difficult and may not have been manageable if I was alone.

Big thanks to Nabor J and the rest of the group for inviting me along.


adams - 18

adams - 35  adams - 44

adams - 73


After the hike we headed up to timberline lodge (Mt Hood) fro a night.

adams - 85

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