DPA11: Trials and Tribulations of Building an App with React/Redux

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Presented by Alexander Cam Liu, Casey Wright, Gavin Brown

We jumped into the fire with trying to build a brand new app with a brand new technology. That didn’t go so well, at first. React/Redux is amazing, once you can wrangle the concepts. Learn how to compartmentalize your code and see how it all fits together with Redux providing the data layer for your React app. Learn from our mistakes and the solutions we came up with to save yourself from our pain. Your future self will thank you. Learning Outcomes: Define basic concepts of React and Redux, and how React and Redux fit together. Summarize what tools, plugins, and packages can be used for development. Understand the architecture and design of a React app, with all its components, screens, APIs, props, state, oh my.


  • React is “view” component of MVC
  • Dewclarative – (not imperative)
    • UI updates acording to the data
    • Given one set of data, there is only one possible UI
    • More predictable.
  • Components are nests
  • Props
    • Just means properties


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