MPD9: Au Contraire: Debunking Myths & Hippos with Google Analytics

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Presented by Alan Etkin

Have you ever cringed as opinions wagged the development of your website? Ever felt that something was terribly wrong with a design or strategy decision but had no way to prove it? Come learn some terrific advanced techniques for using Google Analytics to make informed decisions for a post-secondary website. Through some painful – and entertaining – examples, you’ll see how goal value, user goal value and page value help reveal the economic impact of beliefs and choices. Learning outcomes – Understand what goal value is, and isn’t – See how setting up goal values adds strength to your reports, and how segmentation increases insights – Understand the steps you’ll need to take to implement goals & values – Learn how to use these techniques to proactively guide decisions


  • Started working in e-commerce, outdoor equipment (like rei)
  • Rolling dice? Listening to highest paid person (Hippo)
    • There is a better way
  • Need to bucket users
    • Average user: $12
    • Search user: $53
    • 8800 less traffic X $53 = $466,400 loss
    • But my question is: why search users bring in more $???
  • Goals
    • Request info
    • Register for visit
    • Register for info session
    • Apply to a program
    • Register for a course
      • had to make a baseline change in banner!
  • Google data studio for a dashboard
  • Make it rotate
    • Can make value of homepage user less than search users!
    • Xavier has the best of both worlds
  • Mobile first
    • Only works is majority of users use desktops
    • Journey driven design” – smashing magazine Feb 2017
  • Role of organic search
    • 76% of goal value
    • $32 vs $12
    • Must exclude existing users (current students) from this metric
    • 1.7M new users from organic search = $54M goal value
      • Looking for 1% increase -= $544K increase.  (super conservative)
  • Video
    • Appears the people # that start a video is more important that # watch the entire thing.

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