COM5: Building trust in a time of uncertainty: a video series and social strategy that could

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Red stapler winner!

Presented by Lisa Lightbourn and Krista Boniface 

To get an authentic story across, nothing happens without relationships and trust. In times of high pressure, skepticism, and little time, it can be difficult to get to the heart, truth, and “why” of what moves a person. In this presentation, we’ll show how you can building trust in all stages of engaging leadership, outreach, relationship building, video production, and social media strategies to make a huge impact through an ongoing video series. We will lead you through examples from the “This Is U of T” series that has become a platform to explore people and issues in the world through their connection to the university. You will walk away with tools to template your own video series, lead with connection for better engagement and viewership, step-by-step social media “premiering” strategies for multiple channels, and inspiration to share how your higher education institution impacts this time of uncertainty through humanity.


  • University campus is older than the country of Canada!
  • Enrollment over 90,000
  • Uncertainty. Trust. Belonging
  • People first – not brand first.
  • Series give people a reason to come back.
  • Special intro for each campus – people have a lot of pride in their campus.

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