A new discovery inside Folgers Cave

Sunday, July 26th, 2020

Inside the Monster room. Mann standing next to ropes. Hole at top.
Inside the ‘Monster’ room

Let’s start at the end: while exploring one of my favorite caves in the area, we discovered a new, unexplored section.

The size of the cave section was not immediately apparent as entering the area require ropes. Upon returning, we discovered that it was a single 20’x20′ room. Still, it was cool to be the first ones to ever enter. We’ve named the new section the “Monster” room.

The cave

The cave has an official marker (633-212) and is listed “Mrs. Olesons Extension Cave” on the Grotto website. There are actually several arms to the cave complex and the entire thing is known as the “Folgers” cave sink. Evidently, it was discovered when someone was picking up an old Folgers coffee can left behind by loggers. The can can still be found inside one of the upper arms.

The discovery

On my birthday, I brought my caving buddies to explore the cave. I had been there once before, but hadn’t explored all the arms. As we neared the back of the main passage, I was doing what I always do in caves: picking up any garbage I find

As I bent down to pick up a can, My headlamp highlighted a hole between the rocks on the floor. I began to move some of the breakdown and realized that the hole (only 6-8in wide) continued beneath the rubble. We cleared more of the breakdown, but the last few sections were part of the floor and were still connected. Luckily the floor was thin enough to also coax them out. This left a hole big enough for a human but it was a 15-20′ drop into the center of the area. At the time we couldn’t tell if it was a single room, or an entire new section, so we decided to come back with ropes. 

Along with ropes, I brought a cave ladder so that my buddy could join me. It turned out to only be a small room – about 20′ in diameter with a thick, sandy floor, but it was still cool to be the first ones in there.

The name

I’ve nicknamed it the “Monster Room” after the Monster Energy can that led me to the discovery. Being inside Folgers Cave, that seemed fitting. 

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