Black Frost CDA (NHB115)

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

Lots of hops in the kettle

Been a few years since I brewed this wonderful CDA. Followed the 2011 recipe, but swapping out the Cascade with our own NHB115. The alphas are almost identical, so converting the recipe wasn’t a problem.

Black Frost (NHB115)

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  • ABV: 6.46%
  • IBU: 20.8
  • SRM: 43.2
  • OG: 1.063, FG: 1.016
  • Batch size: 12 gal
  • Brewhouse efficiency: 75%
  • Boil time: 60 min





  • Profile for Burton-on-Trent: Ca 352 (ppm), Mg 24 (ppm), HCO3 320 (ppm), Cl 820 (ppm), Na 44 (ppm), SO4 16 (ppm)


The chocolate should be mixed with the light malt. However, the patent and roast need to be finely ground (think flour) and added to the top of the mash 30minutes in. This reduces the flavor but give maximum color.

Mash around 150F to ensure light body.

As for the final 4 hop additions:

  • 4oz at flameout
  • 4oz 10 minutes later (wait 10 more and then chill)
  • 4oz dry hops at ferment temps for a week
  • 4oz dry hops at chill temp for a week

Brew day

Hit the numbers very well for once. Mash started at 145. Added some hot water and it quickly leveled at 150 for the hour mash.

Wort was dark and clear as it entered the kettle.

Despite the sunny day and a 75min boil, evaporation was low. We ended up with a bit more than 12g. Fortunately, the efficiency was slightly higher then 75% ( probably due to the initial 145 mash temp) – so the OG pegged right at 1.063

The completed wort was cooled and dumped directly on the yeast cake from a previous pale ale. Fermentation took off immediately.

Can’t wait to try this one.

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