High Ed Web 2020 (Day 1)

Monday, October 19th, 2020

The Higher Education Web Professionals association, puts on one of the most insightful conferences around. This year, the 2020 conference is completely online.

Here are a few of my notes from the first day:

Lightning Talks

  • Mise-En-Place: How the Technique of Top Chefs Can Improve Your Workflow
    • Jon-Stephen Stansel – Digital Media Specialist – University of Central Arkansas
  • Data, Tracking, and Reporting During a Pandemic
    • Brian Piper – Director of Content Strategy and Assessment – University of Rochester
  • Old School HTML with Modern Web Components
    • Nikki Massaro Kauffman – Programmer/Analyst – Penn State University
  • The Art of the Interview: How to Ask Good Questions that Lead to Great Content
    • Jenna Spinelle – Communications Specialist – Penn State McCourtney Institute for Democracy
  • Rock the Mic Like a Vandal: Karaoke and the Art of Leading
    • Jeff Stevens – Assistant Web Manager, Content and Social Strategy – UF Health

Why and How You Should Add AR to Your Marketing and Communications Mix

Thomas Deneuville – Director of Web Services and UX – Cornell University

  • Cool session about AR. Talked about history and complex solutions, then dove into the WebWR: JS API!
  • Unfortunately, the stream crapped out halfway through… may have missed a few points.
  • Came back! Now talking about apps and SDKs.
  • Good example of trying on shoes via AR. “AR is the future of fashion”
  • Great educational examples as well. Animals, chemistry, portals.

Self-Publishing: Streamlining The Campus Web Platform

Blake Bertuccelli – Founder & Innovation Director – Decubing Web

  • Anyone with an email can create a site.
  • Encourages using a “tour” feature for the content creators.
  • Recommends Gutenberg (even when not on WP)
  • Allows users to add other users with roles like: teacher, student, follower, etc…
  • Allow entire sites to be published/unpublished.
  • Great set of docks and build in workflows.
  • Starting to post on Github: https://github.com/Tulane
  • They are interested in “creating a jetpack for schools
  • All on one multisite system. The DB is not distributed, but they can go that direction as it grows.

Make Your Own Legos: How Web Components Can Empower Your Editors

Stephen Fornal – Manager of Web Development – Tarrant County College District

  • Web component tags require a dash (-). Best practice it to decide on a prefix. For us it could be pcc-component-1, pcc-component-2, etc…
  • Shadow dom – a separate, encapsulated dom tree.
  • Looks really nice for creating reusable content blocks that contain their own styles and css.
  • Useful for shops where others are coding html. They can use blocks like <pcc-toggle></pcc-toggle> rather than building one from scratch.

(Plain) Language Matters: Creating Web Content That is Accessible, Usable and Understood

Rachell Underhill – Director of Web and Information Systems – UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate School

  • Words matter
  • When possible, use pronoun ‘you’ – or – even better, use the person named.
  • Don’t:
    • The student will need to submit their records.
  • Do:
    • You will need to submit your records.
  • No double negatives: The results are not inconclusive = The results are conclusive
  • Paragraphs no more than 150 words (3-5 sentences)
  • https://plainlanguage.gov/

Respecting Every Identity: The Importance of an Inclusive Web for Cultural Diversity

Mark H. Anbinder  – Web Communications Manager – Cornell University

  • Avoid unnecessary jargon or inside jokes
  • Text that presumes a gender binary is inadequate. Unfortunately, a lot of old “he” text was simply changed to “he/she”.
  • “you” is plural. The singular is “thou”
    • So what is your problem with “they”?
  • When gender is required, avoid “other”. Instead let them freely specify their own gender.

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