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Stuck in Denver Stuck in Denver

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

We were supposed to have a 2hr layover in Denver. Now going on 3 with the sign still just blinks “DELAYED” At least Luis and Karen are here to keep me company.

The Accessible Video Interface The Accessible Video Interface

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

The age of video on the Web is here! Both content creators and users have high expectations and you may become caught in the middle. Learn how to create an accessible media interface that will allow your institution to deliver high quality Flash video with closed captioning, convey a consistent design across your Web presence, […]

New Media 101 New Media 101

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

I was asked to give a presentation on “new media” during the 2008 ELC Inservice. Beforehand, I contacted a few of the faculty that planned to attend. They helped me decide to go the 101 route which ended up working well. For each topic, we covered: What is this thing? The good, the bad… Getting […]

HighEdWebDev 2007 HighEdWebDev 2007

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

“HighEdWeb is an organization of Web professionals working at institutions of higher education. We design, develop, manage and map the futures of higher education Web sites.” Each year, the organization puts on a conference where web professionals from colleges around the country gather to learn, discuss and network. I had the opportunity to attend in […]

Puppies and Kittens Puppies and Kittens

Friday, June 1st, 2007

The new camera just came in at work – a Nikon D40X. I decided to bring it home over the weekend and get some practice. Posted below are some sickeningly sweet pictures for you to enjoy. The puppy “Plinko” belongs to a friend of ours. The kitten (well more of a cat at this point) […]

Student Success and Retention Conference Student Success and Retention Conference

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

The Student Success and Retention Conference was held February 8-9, 2007 at Portland State University’s University Place, 310 SW Lincoln Street Portland, Oregon. The SSR Conference was sponsored by the Joint Boards Articulation Commission, Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development, the Oregon University System, and Oregon’s community colleges.Together, Andrew Roessler and I were […]

Slide Show Interface Slide Show Interface

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

The web team started getting requests to post pages of images. Maintaining photo galleries Flikr style seemed a bit odd for an education site. How usefully would a separate page of random images be for a prospective Mathematics student? However, I do understand that there are times where a single, static image is not enough. […]

Smart Card Manager Smart Card Manager

Monday, August 21st, 2006

The Smart Card Manager is an open-source alternative to Microsoft’s InfoCard. I worked for two quarters with a group developing the second stage of the project. This included the creation of an API, an agent and a GUI interface. Source code for our part of teh project can be downloaded from the trak site. Also, […]

Small Doses Small Doses

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

I am not a proponent of using Flash to create entire pages. However in small doses, it can do a lot to to spruce up an HTML based site. Samantha Nagmay insisted that her portfolio site “grab the attention” of those who view it. For the front page I created a short animation that shows […]

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

Finding that path less traveled. One blustery afternoon while on a camping trip in the Washington backcountry, I had the idea for, a hiker community site. I envisioned a place where I could photo blog all of my adventures for others to see and also search for new adventures by reading the logs of […]