Brian Lamb, UBC

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

el2009brianlambBrian Lamb, Manger, Emerging Technologies and Digital Content,
Office of Learning Technology, The University of British Columbia

“I don’t do PowerPoint” – the crowd erupts in applause.

Embrace the madness of the open web

Opens up talking about the amazing contribution of wikipedia. Displays great diagram showing the possible physical size of the document.

Great project example: “Instead of staying away from wikipedia, let’s make it better!”

Anonymous person on FA Team “my passion if reference formatting.”

Sense of authenticity – “feels like what I am doing makes a difference.”

“Web 2.0” – oops, have to put a dollar in the swear jar.

… Sorry, laughing too hard (in a good way) at the obama/flickr example to take good notes.

“typically, when the course ends – the student looses access to the online materials” – this is something that I have experienced first hand. It sucks.

CC (creative commons not closed caption)

Tracking down copyright, just by shear amount of work, is a barrier to re-ues.

Assumes attributions.

  1. Do you want to allow commercial work
  2. can the work be altered?

/* Off Topic:
Every table in here seems to have *exactly* one laptop on it.
Stranger – exactly 50% seems to be netbooks – mostly acer. */

CC licenece is good, but does not necessarily help to let it be remixed. Think of how limited audio streams are. Open formats are needed.

“Sharing doesn’t cost much anymore”

Brian keeps suggesting other people that we should have had do the keynote instead :)
I disagree – listening to Brian is like a mashup of all those other individuals.

“a guy in Malasia, a guy in England and a guy in Canada” – sounds like the start of a baad joke. Nope it’s

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