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Monday, February 23rd, 2009

index4_02Dr. Deborah Newton and Ryan Schrenk,
MSU – Great Falls College of Technology

Starts with a bunch of online tools to break the ice. None really have to do with the topic at hand, but interesting none-the-less.

Slides are on slideshare.

Now to the session at hand…

Huge growth in distance learning. I hear that.

Working on integrated system of support

  • Single point of contact for student.
  • Packaged evaluation with end of course assessment. However, only 700 responses for  2000 students.
  • How do you meet students “at the door” when at a distance. Created online advising course.


  • Making early contact – they start by calling every student by telephone.

In advising room:

  • Portal for links to advising information on the website. (not recreating content)
  • Advising sheets per program.
  • Advising Dropbox – fill out and submit advising sheet each term.
  • Discussion board – student driven topics.

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