eLearning 2009: Presentation notes and edits

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

First, here are the resources


Now some notes:

The audio for the presentation was recorded with a little sansa express recorder. Even with the limitations of the mic and the hum in the room, most of the recording is clear enough to understand. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to create a transcript for this one, but there is a recording from my session at the HighEdWeb conference that includes a transcript on the same topic.

Listening to the presentation audio now, I realize that there are several corrections that need to be made:

00:13:14 – “people who won’t use the keyboard”

Prefacing the need to include access keys, I started by saying “We also need to think about people who won’t use the keyboard”. That should have been “people who won’t use the mouse” – I corrected myself later, but just wanted to point out the mistake.

00:30:33 – H.264 Version and Adoption Rates

I stated wrong version number and adoption rates. The update that included H.264 was actually Flash Player 9 Update 3 (v shipped on December 3, 2007. Check out this article on the adobe website for all the cool specs and reasons that H.264 rocks as a codac.

It is also importand to note that 98% is our user base for flash versions 9 & 10. I just took a closer look at the www.pcc.edu stats and found out the following:

For this month Feb 1st to 26th:

  • 744,300: total visitors with flash
  • 411,916: version 10 installed
  • 314,117: version 9 installed (so 98% have version 9+)
  • 242,782: version >= 9.0 r115 (so only 88% have the ability to view H246 online)

00:33:01 – DragonSpeak only 90% accurate with trained voice

So this is unconfirmed, but I found out that other schools have had much better success with the newest version. This came up during the impromptu accessibility session at eLearning. Supposedly, you can get 95% accuracy or more with the new versions and a clean recording. This may be worth looking into. I wonder how this recording would do.

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